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Come and Play with Putty Squad on the PS4


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The independent publisher System 3, has unleashed the power of putty in the PlayStation 4 launch title, Putty Squad. The unlikeliest of superheroes is now available to gamers in the UK, either to buy online or at participating retail stores.

Consumers who pre-ordered Putty Squad on the PlayStation 4 will also be receiving Super Putty, the original Putty adventure, downloadable for free as part of an extensive season pass.

“With the PS4 now launched in the UK, we’re delighted  to offer Putty Squad to our retro loving gamers, but also bringing retro gaming back to those didn’t get the chance of getting their hands on Super Putty back in the day”, said Mark Cale, CEO of System 3. “As Super Putty was a worldwide hit, we’re also giving players the chance to play the original, if they’ve pre-ordered Putty Squad on the PS4. The classic elements of Putty Squad will ensure fun and frenetic gaming for all who manipulate the blue blob in any form they desire.”

Voiced by the incredible Brian Blessed, the launch trailer takes you on a retrospective journey from 90’s original to the re-imagined classic of today.

With its undeniable charm, Putty Squad will reinforce the values that made British-developed games the centre of the world in the 90s.
Putty Squad has been given a complete overhaul in graphics to deliver a modern, immersive experience. Gameplay has been finely tuned to offer an accessible platform game for all fans, and downloadable free levels will be made available for a year after launch. As Putty you can punch, inflate, morph, stretch, lie flat and absorb on his journey through a host of different levels.

Games Features:

  • One of retro gaming’s most-loved heroes returns in the original, critically acclaimed platform-adventure.
  • An entire year of free downloadable content.
  • All new challenge mode.
  • Online leaderboards to compare with your friends.

Putty Squad is now available as a launch title for PlayStation 4 and shortly thereafter for PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, Windows 8, Steam, Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS.

Chris Hare
Chris Hare
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