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How to Access the Dev Kit Option on the Retail Xbox One


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Over the weekend the option on how to access the Dev kit menu in the Retail Xbox one was revealed on and from a Reddit user LiamHing. Its was back in August at Gamescom this year it was revealed that the Xbox One retail boxes can be used to develop games and apps in the near Future.

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Xbox One debug/devkit settings by pressing LB, RB, LT, RT at My Games -> Settings -> System.

Reddit user XboxOneDev, whose username is tagged as an Xbox One developer on Reddit, warned against enabling the functionality in a comment on the thread.

“Please don’t mess with anything here for the time being, especially the sandbox ID,” XboxOneDev wrote. “You risk putting your box into a boot loop.”

XboxOneDev acknowledged that he has “no idea how far along the ID@Xbox program is. There are many concerns such as privacy, security, stability etc, that need to be sorted out before we can allow anyone and everyone to simply sideload an app onto their box.”

So a Word of warning don’t mess for the Devkit / debug option at the moment.


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