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Xbox Record that to Skydrive


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One of the most exciting features coming to Xbox One is the ability to record your most exciting, impressive, or just plain awesome-looking gaming accomplishments so that you can relive them over and over.

But how do you share those memorable gameplay moments in front of everyone else’s eyeballs? The answer is SkyDrive. Save and edit your clips, then upload to the cloud via SkyDrive on Xbox One.

What are Game DVR and Upload Studio?
Game DVR makes it possible to capture the most epic moments in your gaming experience. You can snap it to the side of your game to begin recording up to five minutes of footage at any time. You get to choose whether you want to capture the last five minutes of gameplay or quickly capture the last 30 seconds simply by saying “Xbox, record that.” Hit the Game DVR notification or say “Xbox, go to Upload Studio” and you will quickly move into the app, where you can create personalized footage — edit multiple game clips together, trim them, add picture-in-picture video, voice over commentary or choose a skin. After you’ve put all of the finishing touches on your video, it will be uploaded to Xbox Live where your friends can see it in your activity feed.

Simply say “Xbox, go to Upload” to view all of your clips or to go back and edit anything you recorded from earlier gameplay.

How do I share my clips?
After editing a clip in Upload Studio, you’ll have the option of uploading and sharing content with your Xbox Live friends or the entire community or saving clips to SkyDrive. When you choose Save to SkyDrive, your clips will be saved into a folder titled Xbox Games Clips and the 720p mp4 file syncs across any smartphone, tablet or PC, allowing you to share your greatest game moments anywhere. With your Game DVR clips in SkyDrive, you have complete control over your clips — choose whether you want to share content beyond your Xbox Live community, host it on your own websites, save to your hard drive, wrap in your own intro and more.

We hope you’re excited about sharing your Game DVR clips. We can’t wait to see your best gaming moments and how you creatively edit and share them from Xbox One when it launches this Friday, 22nd November.
Skydrive app for Windows Phone
Skydrive app for iOS
Skydrive app for Android

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