GamingReady ready for The Mandate from Perihelion Interactive

Ready ready for The Mandate from Perihelion Interactive


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A new developer log from Perihelion Interactive features The Mandate‘s Technical Director, Vegard Myklebust, in a behind-the-scenes look at the art and animation creation for the game. The video has been released by Perihelion Interactive – along with some ship interior renders – to mark the Kickstarter campaign surpassing its halfway-funded milestone.


The Mandate has raised over $250,000 of its initial funding target of $500,000, and recently announced a series of stretch goals that will add further content to an already feature-packed release.


Perihelion will also be hosting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) for The Mandate<> on Reddit on Wednesday 13 November from 5pm EST (11pm CET, 10pm UK). Fans are invited to submit questions live to The Mandate team on anything to do with the Tsarist space opera RPG, which is set for release on PC, Mac and Linux during Q1 2015.

The Mandate is a six-player, cooperative, sandbox sci-fi RPG, planned for release Q1 2015 on Windows, Mac and Linux. Set in a dystopian future controlled by a Russian Empire inspired by the Tsars of history, you take on the role of a captain at the helm of an evolving, dynamic ship that a crew of hundreds call home. As captain, you’ll command a crew of officers selected and honed by you, taking them into epic space battles, boarding operations and galaxy exploration. Whilst epic in scale, The Mandate takes the concept of sci-fi RPGs to the next level by rooting the drama in your relationship with the crew – they and the galaxy map will adapt and react to the strategic choices you make, the battles you win… and those that you lose.


Drawing inspiration from the likes of X-Com, Fallout, Mount & Blade, Sid Meier’s Pirates! and Star Trek Online, The Mandate was in the top 3 games on Steam Greenlight before being successfully Greenlit on 29 October 2013, and has already raised over $250,000 in its Kickstarter campaign, due to end on 1st December 2013.

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