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New ScreenShots for Dragon Ball Z – Battle of Z


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The latest feature announced for Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z was the ’Ultimate Jewel’ (Rarest item found in the “Collection” Store). When equipped on some of the brawlers, the ‘Ultimate Jewel’ allows players to perform an ‘Ultimate Move’. Following GOKU (with his SPIRIT BOMB), TEEN GOHAN, PERFECT CELL and FULL POWER FRIEZA are also able to perform their signature ‘Ultimate Move’. Take a first look at their most powerful attack through this new batch of screenshots!


The brand new ‘Customization’ options will allow DBZ fans to fully personalize their favourite character! Gamers will be able to choose their characters’ costume colours and which statistics they prefer to power-up!


DRAGON BALL Z: BATTLE OF Z, for PS 3, XBOX 360 and PS VITA is coming in Early 2014 from Namco Bandai


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