GamingLet the Spartacus Legends Tournaments Commence

Let the Spartacus Legends Tournaments Commence


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Ubisoft has announced the start of Tournaments, a new player vs. player battle mode for Spartacus Legends. Available now, players will compete in four week-long tournaments and battle for the title of Champion of Capua.

Tournaments take place Monday to Sunday and awards are given weekly based on total number of points earned per week. Points are earned through battle participation, executions, gaining crowd favor, winning streaks and other factors. After four weeks of tournaments a season is concluded and additional rewards are given to participants on a tiered system. Rewards include silver, titles, equipment, boosts and banner items.

The most desired award, the title of “Champion of Capua,” will be given to the top one percent of players based on points earned over a series. Banners and banner items, which can be one through Tournaments, are new to Spartacus Legends. Players will be able to create customized banners for their gladiators and special insignias will unlock for winning gladiators.

After each series, there will be a down week for tournaments until they start again and gladiators can once again battle to become “Champion of Capua.”

Spartacus Legends, based on the ground-breaking STARZ Original series Spartacus, is already available for download on PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE Arcade for the Xbox 360. For more information please visit Spartacus Legends

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