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Play Hover for IE11 it was on the Original Windows 95 CD


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Microsoft’s Hover is today available to play in the UK for free. Hover is a game combining capture-the-flag and bumper cars, and was originally included as a multimedia showcase in the Windows 95 install CD-ROM.


You can check it out at in either single player or multi player mode.

Hover has been entirely revamped and recreated for IE11, and many of its features including  are enabled by the browser’s new web technologies, including:

–          3D Graphics

  • IE11 provides the safest environment for running WebGL, a JavaScript API that brings 3D graphics to the web browser without installing additional plug-ins, enabling all new graphics and a special 3D custom Hovercraft generator.

–          WebSockets

  • A web technology that allows browsers to communicate with each other, enabling a brand new multiplayer mode with Hover!

–          Touch

  • New touch gameplay controls, that help create a truly immersive experience.

To see IE 11 in action, and try the game for yourself, head over to now!

Note: You will need to have IE11 installed in order to play Hover.

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