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My Movies for Windows Phone Released


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My Movies, the application that allows you to catalog your DVD/Blu-ray collection and carry the database around on your mobile device, has shipped for Windows Phone 7.5 and 8.  Read on for details!

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My Movies, the application that allows you to catalog your DVD/Blu-ray collection and carry the database around on your mobile device, has shipped for Windows Phone 7.5 and 8.  I currently use this application on IOS and Android, and it comes in very handy for when I want to see what I already own.  It is now available for Windows Phone.  Here is the press release:

The waiting time is over – it is finally here!
My Movies for Windows Phone is now available in the Windows Phone Marketplace for Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.5 in twelve different languages, completing the My Movies offerings on all of the popular consumer smartphone platforms.

The application is available for purchase at $5.99, €5.49 or £4.99, or as a free trial limited to 50 titles – look for our company “Binnerup Consult” in the listings, as there are other applications with similar names, or open the below link for the application on the store website.

Download on Windows Phone Store

The application functions as a companion application for users who use our application suite on other platforms, or it can be used on its own by users who are not already familiar with our service. The application requires a user account, through which your collection automatically synchronizes on multiple devices.
Titles can be added from our world class online service containing more than 750.000 DVD, Blu-ray or legacy HD DVD titles worldwide, through batch barcode scanning using your phones camera, or by manual searches by barcode or by title.
Should you have a title that is not available in our service, you can report it missing to our staff, who will add the title within 48 hours, or, if you find incorrect data on one or more titles, you can also report this to be corrected by our staff, both services which you will not find elsewhere. You can also choose to contribute to titles yourself to the service, through our Windows or Mac software.
In case you have personal titles such as vacation or wedding videos, you can create these manually.

Applications compared
The feature set of My Movies for Windows Phone is much more extensive than the feature set of our applications on iPhone and Android was at release time, however as the other applications have been in on-going development for several years, there are features that we have not been able to make available yet on Windows Phone.

Our originally planned feature set have been extended a few times through development, and have been extended again during the prerelease period, based on inputs of all of the users who have helped us on that – thank you!
It is our intention that the feature set on Windows Phone over time should catch up fully with iPhone and Android, but as with any other costly development project, it surely depends on the applications success on a platform with a lower market share, and therefore fewer users.

We have prepared a detailed list on our website of features currently available on the different platforms, which you can see by clicking here.

Free vs. Trial
Users of our applications on iPhone, iPad and Android will see a difference on the offerings on Windows Phone, where there is only one application available; “My Movies for Windows Phone” with a trial option versus the Free and Pro offerings on the other platforms.

The trial option functions the same way as the Free versions on iPhone, iPad or Android, where you can use the full functionality of the application, up to 50 titles, without any time restrictions. You can at any time purchase the application to lift the limit of 50 titles, making the application unlimited.

Your support is needed!
The waiting time for My Movies for Windows Phone has been long, both for users who have requested it for long, and for us, who have had the development ongoing for a long time.

Developing quality applications on platforms with as low market share as Windows Phone has a great risk – but it have been important for us to be able to support you, no matter which platform you choose for your phone.

It has also been important for us to do things right the first time, which hopefully also shows from our nearly three months prerelease period. The combination of setups and devices makes it near impossible to ensure that there will not be any problems at release time, but should you have any problems, we are available to help on, and our developers are ready to resolve any problems should they occur – we hope you will contact us with any problem or concern that you might have, as it is not possible for us to contact you through reviews on the store.

The initial ratings and reviews of the application are essential to the future success, and we hope that those of you purchasing the application will help us by leaving a rating and a review on the store. Since these have an important impact on sales, they also are important to the future development resources assigned to the project.

Thank you for your support in our application suite!

I use this one myself and can highly recommend it.  If you have a movie collection and would like a convenient app for managing your collection while on the go, have a look at My Movies for Windows Phone!

Jim McCarthy
Jim McCarthy
My tech interests include WHS, media streaming, and gaming, among others!

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