GamingNew PS Vita Announced Smaller and in New Colours

New PS Vita Announced Smaller and in New Colours


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Today Sony at the  pre-Tokyo Game Show conference has announced new PS Vita model that will be 15mm in width – 20 per cent thinner than the existing model – and weigh 219g, making it 15 per cent lighter.

With a 1GB of onboard memory will also be included, meaning that you won’t need a memory card for game saves and smaller downloads.

New PS Vita

With the new PS Vita it also features an improved battery life (boosted by an extra hour of gameplay, now up to six hours gameplay time).

And it’ll be available in a range of colours yellow, pink, white, grey, lime green and and light blue. Sony said that the new PS Vita’s OLED screen has been replaced by an LED one, a larger, 64GB memory card will also be made available on 10th October.

No Date for the new PS Vita model outside Japan just yet.


PS Vita Colours

New PS Vita Specs


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