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Maxell Shows Off the MXH-DD600 and the MXH-DBA700 Headphones


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Maxell has announces the launch of the first two headphones in its upcoming M-Mark premium brand of headphones. The M-Mark collection will consist only of technology-specific in-ear headphones showing Maxell’s commitment to providing outstanding audio quality and precision. The two M-Mark models, the MXH-DD600 and the MXH-DBA700 will be available in November.

The new MXH-DD600 features dual dynamic drivers, while the MXH-DBA700 features a hybrid design that pairs a balanced armature with a dynamic driver. Both designs have a rigid aluminium body for reduced resonance of unwanted frequencies.



The MXH-DD600 has powerful dual dynamic drivers for both low and midrange frequency responses. These give a powerful bass, without detracting from the mid to high frequencies, delivering a balanced sound across the range.

The hybrid design of the MXH-DBA700 combines the benefits of two sound transducer technologies. The balanced armature offers precision in the mid-to-high frequency range where it excels. The hybrid design additionally uses a dynamic driver, which is better suited to handle the lower frequency sounds. This means the hybrid design delivers the best of both technologies.

Both models feature earpieces that are treated with silver ion, which has antibacterial properties. Silver ion is used in dentistry and medicine to reduce bacterial infections. The headphone cable is designed to be flat, which is not only stylish, it greatly reduces tangling. The in-ear design comes with four sizes of earpiece, for a perfect fit for all ears.


The MXH-DD600 will be available from November. The SRP will be £79.95 including VAT.

The MXH-DBA700 will be available from November. The SRP will be £99.95 including VAT.

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