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‘Dragon Eternity’ Out for iOS and Android and Facebook


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Game Insight has announced the release of new versions of the popular massively multiplayer online (MMO) game Dragon Eternity on iOS, Android, Facebook, joining the already 5 million players worldwide currently playing on iPad and web browser.


Dragon Eternity is a fantasy-themed, cross-platform, MMO game that offers tremendous depth in the enormous virtual world of Adan. The game’s cross-platform functionality previously let iPad and web browser players play and explore simultaneously, and retain their progress regardless of platform. Now, players can use a single login and password to continue playing the game on any of its available platforms: web browser, iPad, Android, iPhone, or Facebook, and keep their progress and in-game characters across whichever platform they choose.

Dragon Eternity’s fantastic world of Adan awaits new and returning players. In the game, players can join either the Vaalor or Sadar factions and walk both the path of the warrior, as well as the path of peaceful artisan to craft mighty weapons and armour, brew magic potions, and more. The game offers a challenging journey for brave adventurers who are ready do battle by land or by sea with ferocious monsters that wield disruptive magic and charge into the fray with mighty dragons at their side. The game also offers a broad variety of head-to-head, player-versus-player (PvP) modes, many collections of rare items and rewards to unlock, numerous ways for players to develop their characters, and advanced social features, such as an elaborate clan system to help like-minded adventurers find comrades-in-arms.


Dragon Eternity is available now for Android, iPhone, and Facebook, as well as for iPad and web browser. Install the game now on your platform of choice and begin the epic journey!


Download Dragon Eternity for Android:

Download Dragon Eternity for iOS:

Play Dragon Eternity on Facebook:

Play Dragon Eternity via web browser:


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