GamingGet Your Loot O Thon Ready for Looting

Get Your Loot O Thon Ready for Looting


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Ubisoft has kicked-off the third Open House for The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, signalling the official start of the “Loot-O-Thon.” The Open House allows anyone that signs up a chance to get a sneak preview of The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot while the game is still in closed beta. Better still, players will have the chance to participate in The Mighty Quest’s first-ever “Loot-O-Thon,” challenging them to put their looting skills to the test for the highest bounty yet.


With this new trailer has also been unveiled featuring the Mage, a.k.a The Earl of Evilosity, who is the latest character to join the quest. A new trailer and screens from the game break down his past, his flashiest spells and his obsession with world domination.

The first Open House for The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot resulted in more than 71 million gold coins plundered, while the second Open House lead to more than 498 million gold coins plundered. In the third Open House, we’re raising the stakes and challenging players to shatter this record! If players can collectively loot ONE BILLION gold coins from player-created castles, Lord Marleybone, boss of the Glimmering Valley region, giant bone puppeteer and master of the dead, will be unlocked for players. Lord Marleybone reigns fear over all castles in level 20 to 24, and with a lot of plundering and looting, he can be all yours.


The third Open House started from August 27 at 6pm CET to September 3 at 9pm CET. Players will be able to sign up or sign in with their existing Uplay account at, and will be granted immediate access during the event.

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