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Square Enix Goes Big for This Years Gamescom


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Today Square Enix has announces an exciting line-up of gaming highlights at gamescom, Europe’s biggest interactive entertainment expo. From August 21 to 25, visitors to gamescom 2013 will be able to get their hands on future games, attend exclusive presentations, meet special guests and enjoy spectacular stage shows at the Square Enix booth (B21/C20) in hall 9.

Lighting Returns - Final Fantasy - 2

At the show, Square Enix is celebrating the imminent release of FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn with special guest Naoki Yoshida, the game’s Producer and Director, in attendance to present, play and talk more about this ambitious MMORPG. Dedicated theatres will showcase gameplay presentations of THIEF™ and MURDERED:  SOUL SUSPECT to the European public for the first time.

On top of all this, special guests Yoshinori Kitase (Producer) and Yuji Abe (Game Design Director) will present the upcoming RPG highlights LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII and FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster, both of which are available to play at the Square Enix booth.

“We’re excited to be attending gamescom again this year” said Phil Rogers, CEO of Square Enix in Europe & the Americas, “Gamers in Germany are so passionate and I’m sure our strong line-up of titles and fan activities we have planned for this year’s show will not disappoint.

The full gamescom 2013 line-up:

FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn – At gamescom, visitors will go up against one of the game’s mighty primals in a “Battle Challenge”, with exclusive giveaways awaiting the victorious challengers. Naoki Yoshida, Producer and Director of FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn will be on-hand to present the game, play with fans and sign autographs. The game’s TV advertisement will also be premiered at the show and fans will be able to meet and have photographs taken with Stephanie Tripp, official actress from the advertisement, dressed in an authentically recreated Miqo’te outfit.


THIEF – Steal a glimpse of the Master Thief in action in a dedicated THIEF theatre. This in-game presentation will see Garrett infiltrate the Baron’s manor to steal his most prized possession. THIEF is a reinvention of a classic franchise from Eidos-Montreal; the studio behind DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION.

MURDERED: SOUL SUSPECT – The in-game theatre presentation that proved such a big hit at E3 is coming to gamescom, with European consumers experiencing the show for the first time. Visitors will also have the opportunity to enter the world of MURDERED: SOUL SUSPECT themselves, as they find out what it’s like to be a ghost, staring down at their own corpse, in an exclusive interactive photo booth.

LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII – Special guests Producer Yoshinori Kitase and Game Design Director Yuji Abe will be on-hand to present previously unseen elements about the thrilling conclusion of Lightning’s saga, also giving fans the rare chance to meet and get an autograph. With an extensive number of hands-on stations available, gamers will be able to play LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII both on Xbox 360 as well as PlayStation 3.

FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster – At gamescom, consumers will be able to play the high-definition remaster of one of the most popular FINAL FANTASY stories of all time. Producer Yoshinori Kitase will also present further information on-stage about this much-anticipated title.

KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX – HD levels from KINGDOM HEARTS FINAL MIX and KINGDOM HEARTS Re:Chain of Memories will be available to play on PlayStation®3.

DEUS EX: THE FALL – The award-winning latest chapter in the DEUS EX franchise will be playable on iPad.

Additional titles such as upcoming highlights FINAL FANTASY XV and KINGDOM HEARTS III will be presented as part of the trailer shows that form part of the scheduled stage shows.

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  1. there are a lot of new final fantasies that I’ve seen this year including xv. I really need to know there release date. hopefully it won’t be 2014 cause it’s too long to wait well except for final fantasy xv which is going to be on the PS4 and Xbox one next year

  2. damn I think I want Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD now. I really need to know when it’s released. I can’t wait any longer it’s too hard to wait D:

    • Same here. I can’t afford every new game coming out this year so I am only picking a few. Already got tales of xillia, have kingdom hearts on preorder and want final fantasy X/x2. We NEED a release date SE.

      • yeah I only pre ordered 3 but not a lot cause I don’t want to wait for the games I pre ordered that will take longer for the development to finish. the only games I pre ordered were final fantasy x/x-2 hd/ kingdom hearts 3 and final fantasy xv along with the Ps4 and yes you’re right we do need a release date because as I’ve said 2014 is long to wait for the games that have been in development and for the games like kingdom hearts 3 that have just been announced. still I hope they come I already know that tetsuya has created these games awesome. please SE give us a release date

        • Yea I agree I hate waiting. I still don’t like that FF XIII versus is now XV and ps4 but hey what can you do. Kingdom hearts 3 I expected on next gen systems. I do hope they announce a kingdom hearts 2.5 hd collection though with KH2 and Birth by sleep. I really want to play birth by sleep it’s the only one I havent yet. Hopefully we won’t have to wait long for these games. As for the PS4 I am definitely gonna get it but I got a lot going on right now so not sure I can afford it yet. Gotta wait and see.

          • yep I was kinda expecting kingdom hearts 3 and final fantasy xv to be on Ps3 and Xbox 360 and it’s actually the first time that kingdom hearts has been on Xbox but only Xbox one. and kingdom hearts HD 1.5 remix’s credits had announced that there would be a 2.5 HD remix of kingdom hearts and the games that would be on the next HD remix were
            1.kingdom hearts 2 final mix
            2.kingdom hearts birth by sleep final mix
            3.kingdom hearts coded
            if the next HD 2.5 remix were to be released I could hardly wait to play kingdom hearts 2 final mix cause It has been my first and favourite game and if I saw more trailers to kingdom hearts 3 for the upcoming Ps4 and Xbox one then I think that kingdom hearts 3 would be my first and favourite game and then kingdom hearts 2 final mix would be my favourite and of course second game

            • Thanks of the info didn’t know that 2.5 remix was confirmed in the credits. That’s great I really want to play through it all before I get KH3. I only play KH 1 and 2 once when they came out at there releases.

              • you’re welcome. I actually hope he’ll make a 2.5 remix cause I’m desperate to play KH2fm. but now waiting for KH3 and FFXV I’ll have to play KH2 now and I’ll have to fight sephiroth. he’s definitely gonna ruin my ass with is heartless angel

                • Please don’t remind me bout sephiroth lol. He is one of the hardest bosses for me in any game I have ever played. Still I beat him once will beat him again in KH2 just don’t want to be reminded of how much of a pain he is lol.

                  • I know he’s more harder for anyone but now the ultima weapon is a great weapon to use and it has a lot of strength to defeat sephiroth. actually now that you’ve said that about beating him once and beating him again it’ll mean I have to start gathering material to create the ultima weapon again and defeating him again

                    • I totally forgot bout the ultima weapon. I beat him with just the regular gear not the ultima maybe that’s one of the reasons he was so damn hard. That and I don’t have the greatest timing in action combat so his speed tends to be a problem for me.

                    • it is a little hard to get the ultima weapon. the only problem I had were his attacks. they were stronger than mine until I kept on defending and I attacked him. but if you haven’t got the ultima weapon here are the materials you’ll be needing
                      orichalcum+7 it’s a little hard to get it. all you have to do Is
                      1. clear atlantica
                      2. chest in brink of despair
                      3. clear goddess of fate in Olympus
                      4. complete 100 acre wood
                      5. chest in sunset terrace. jump on the train then on to the roof. you get this as sora
                      6. chest in central computer core
                      7. collect all the materials and go to the synthesis shop
                      I really hope it helps you getting the ultima weapon or it depends if you have it

                    • you’re welcome. it was a little hard for me to get the 7th that’s why I had to get a lot of materials to get the weapon. I just hope tetsuya doesn’t make us collecting the materials for ultima weapon in KH3 well that depends if it’s gonna be in KH3

                    • Yea don’t know much bout KH3 right now except that it will end the the current story. Other than that they havent confirmed anything else it’s all rumors.

                    • yeah KH3 should be the end of the saga but I don’t think the series haven’t ended yet but I don’t even know why just yet

                    • I think now that some of things will be changing just like the graphics and the commands maybe like KH2 but I guess only different and we are able to switch into characters and I think that’s all I know about KH3 but not a lot though

                    • yeah there are releasing trailers to FFXV and KH3 and a gameplay demo to both of these games at gamescom

                    • yeah I can hardly to see some there gameplay at gamescom but not the trailers, I’m more of a guy that like’s the gameplay than the trailers I’ve seen

                    • I agree I love the story in jrpgs but if I don’t like the battle systems or gameplay I won’t play the game. I’d rather enjoy the gameplay and play through a crappy story than go through a great story with crappy gameplay.

                    • yeah I think the gameplay might be good even the graphics but the things I’ve seen in KH3 trailer are now new. I expect some stuff to return like the drive forms even the trinity, I noticed It was helpful enough to take care of the heartless and FFXV, if I find out that game is good and awesome I would expect gold due to it’s 7 year development

                    • Yea I know what your saying bout the games. I think they will both be good. I don’t see SE sending either out if they thought it wouldn’t bring something new to the franchises.

                    • well I think some rumours were spreading about after SE have finished developing FFXV they would bring out a few series to XV and now I doubt KH will end sometime soon of course that is KH3 which is suppose to be the final battle and now since the series isn’t over KH is far from over and I doubt XV will be the ending to the final fantasy series if that’s true so far

                    • I agree neither franchise is over and I don’t see either being over anytime soon. Anybody who says otherwise is full of themselves. Both are great franchises. Besides I think I have heard that XV will get sequels can’t remember from who or where though.

                    • yeah XV should be getting some sequels and I wouldn’t want to see XV with no series and neither would anyone. I doubt for more XV series for everyone to enjoy it. everyone’s been waiting for 7 years now and I think XV should be released like February, it’ll make it a bit early next year since it’s going on PS4 and Xbox one and KH3 I would say a 2015 release date cause if it actually came next year fans will think it’s been rushed due to it being announced on june

                    • Yea I agree the sooner with XV the better but I think that KH3 is still in early developement I read some it is possible it could come late next year but I don’t expect it for at least another year and a half. They haven’t even decided on a full list of worlds yet from what Ive seen.

                    • well we know now that twilight town and destiny islands are in KH3 but when they’ve finished the development then I guess we’ll know which world’s returned and which world’s new

                    • Oh yea I know bout twilight and destiny but those just seemed like a given to me. I was just talking bout as far as disney worlds. Last I heard they were looking into bringing star wars in but said they would have to go through a bunch of legal issues or something. Then again you may have a point. They might just keep us guessing till they are complete.

                    • yeah I think they are bringing star wars in KH3 but I think Disney owns stars wars or Lucasarts I’m not sure which one. when I watched an interview about 1.5 including KH3 nomura plans on bringing some final fantasy characters in KH3. but I don’t think they should be in radiant garden this time like they did with FFVll characters including squall from FFVIII. if tetsuya does plan on bringing a few new final fantasy characters he should do a world with them In that world than radiant garden

                    • Yea I agree They should create some world where characters from different games can exist something unique to fit in with final fantasy.

                    • yep If only tetsuya puts a few in the game not a lot, however I’d love to see lightning in KH3 where sora actually meets her in Valhalla (well I’m pretty much basing this on xiii-2) and then Sora, Donald and Goofy have to find serah and that world will need a new name since in xiii-2 you go back in time and I expect a few of the final fantasy worlds in KH3 but then again they’ll just make us guess until the development’s finished. I wonder if kingdom hearts music will be different in KH3

                    • Yea I have beat XIII and XIII-2 I like both games not as much as the previous ones but I did enjoy them. Your lightning and sara Idea could work. I don’t see them putting a lot of FF characters though the game is still kingdom hearts not FF but they did great implementing cloud and all of them.

                    • I hope so. the only game I’ve beaten Is just XIII-2 so the only game I need to beat now is XIII. but I have to agree with you, I can only see them putting just a few into the game with a world from final fantasy series. and I doubt now that he will give them a world than radiant garden or twilight town

                    • You’re not missing much in XIII cause XIII-2 pretty much summarizes it. The only main final fantasy I haven’t beat besides 11 and 14 is X but I will obviously be doing that when I get it lol.

                    • yeah I haven’t played X apart from X-2 but I’ve pretty much played some of the final fantasy series including Vll, I can’t wait to play X, I think it’ll be a great game but now I’m just keeping my eye out for a release date to KH3, FFXV and the HD to FFX. but for now I have to play KH2 well some of the KH games including FF to stop me from being bored for next year

                    • Yea well plenty of games are coming. Right now I am working on tales of xillia and just got splinter cell blacklist while I wait for the kingdom hearts 1.5 and a release date on FFX

                    • I see. I’m just waiting for saints row iv to be released. I heard it was suppose to be released today in the uk and then next month is kingdom hearts 1.5 and grand theft auto v and a HD to FFX. I think now time is slow and it should be faster so it can reach up to 2014 then we will be able to get FFXV and KH3 (depends if it’s 2014) but for right now I hope these three games can last me up until next year

                    • I am not big into saints row IV and GTA5 looks great but I didn’t get into IV and besides if I was to get it now I wouldn’t be able to afford Kingdom hearts right now so I gotta get my kingdom hearts.

                    • agreed. GTA V does look better and saints row IV has the same graphics and a different gameplay compared to saints row 3. but for now I just gotta get a release date to KH3 and FFXV but I know nothing about them cause the more I guess then the more I get wrong or right. I might get some right including FF characters with a world or I could get any wrong that I’ve said but in the end, they not gonna tell us and make us guess

                    • Yea I don’t mind the guessing game I just don’t want to wait another 7 years of developement lol.

                    • I think we’ll have one more year to wait then once it’s 2014 FFXV would’ve been in development for 8 years and KH3 under it’s 1 year development but now all I need is time to go faster, I’ve noticed it sometimes goes slow and sometimes it’ll go fast. I doubt it’ll be faster when I’m in college

                    • I don’t It might go faster when your in college. A day always goes by faster for me when Im doing something through the day.