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Get ready for you Squadron for Armored Core : Verdict Day


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Are you read to Command a squadron of fully customized Armored Core Units in a dystopian future ravaged by war and stripped of its natural resources; The last remaining resources needed for the survival of your faction are scavenged and bitterly fought forin the No Man’s Land, a bleak landscape that offers little hope for survival. Enlist into one of the various in-game factions and strategically adapt your weapon systems to wrestle control of territories away from other players and establish a much needed peace. A heavy trigger finger, innovative customization and tactical teamwork will be all that stand between survival and total annihilation in Armored Core : Verdict Day. Coming out for Xbox 360 and Ps3 on 27th September 2013.




  • More than 90 Missions across 7 Battle Ravaged Continents
  • Choose one of the factions where you belong from three of them and conquer the world together with other players online.
  • 600 Parts to Customize your load out
  • Battle alone using AI allies you have customized against other skilled players evenly with improved online matchmaking.
  •  Use the adaptive AI to create unmanned AC Units to give a command to them as a operator to play the game like RTS.

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