NewsAre you ready to Play Skylanders Monopoly

Are you ready to Play Skylanders Monopoly


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If you cant wait for the new Skylanders Swap Force game out in October, then why not play the first-ever exclusive Skylanders Monopoly board game, are now setting up shop on Boardwalk and Park Place.


Now your favourite characters from the $1 billion, award-winning kids franchise, including KAOS and Chompie, are taking over America’s classic property-trading game but with all-new Skylands locations, tokens and game pieces!


Key Features:

  • Custom Skylanders-Licensed Design: The Monopoly: Skylanders box top and game board showcase custom art featuring the most popular Skylanders™ characters, so fans can jump right into the world of Skylands.
  • Familiar Monopoly Gameplay: Players will buy, sell and trade popular locations based on characters in the world of Skylanders.
  • Re-imagined Locations and Game Pieces: The game board includes 22 “newly discovered” Skylands locations such as Stealth Elf’s Ninja Dojo, Chop Chop’s Boneyard, and Trigger Happy’s Bank Vault, while other classic features such as metal game tokens, the Community Chest and Chance cards have all been reimagined for the fast-paced, high stakes world of Monopoly.
  • Unique Collectible Metal Game Tokens: The familiar game tokens that players use to navigate through the game board have been completely redesigned for Skylanders fans. Players may choose to use one of six collectible metal tokens — KAOS, Sheep, Cannon, Pirate Ship, Swords or Chompie — as they traverse the world of Monopoly: Skylanders.

Game Board:

  • Boardwalk:       Thumpback’s Thundering Tide Pool
  • Park Place:       Zap’s Lightning Race Track
  • Green:              Stealth Elf’s Ninja Dojo, Tree Rex’s Tree house, Stump Smash’s Nut Crackers
  • Yellow:             Chop Chop’s Boneyard, Cynder’s Haunted House, Eye Brawl’s Optometry
  • Red:                 Eruptor’s Hot Springs, Hot Dog’s Lemonade Stand, Ignitor’s Medieval BBQ
  • Orange:            Trigger Happy’s Bank Vault, Drobot’s Oil Change, Bouncer’s Roboball Court
  • Magenta:          Spyro’s Chompy Diner, Pop Fizz Flavor Laboratory, Ninjini’s Bottle Shop
  • Light Blue:       Lightening Rod’s Cloud Gym, Jet-Vac’s Indoor Skydiving, Whirlwind’s Rainbow Lounge
  • Brown:             Terrafin’s Mud Spa, Crusher’s Home Improvement
  • Railroads:         Flynn’s Blimp Tours, Air-Pirate Express, Molekin Mine Train, Dread Yacht Delivery Service
  • Comm. Chest:   Treasure Chest
  • Chance:            Luck-O-Tron
  • Electric Co:       Core of Light Electric
  • Waterworks:     Drill-X’s Boxed Beats
  • Income Tax:      Auric’s Traveling Store Taxes
  • Luxury Tax:      Persephone’s Gem Shop
  • Custom Money: Gold Coins
  • Houses:            Renamed as Huts
  • Hotels:              Renamed as Castles
  • Dice:                 Traditional
  • Tokens:             KAOS, Sheep, Cannon, Pirate Ship, Swords, Chompie

Availability:  Available now at and specialty stores throughout North America including Hastings, Entertainment Earth and GameStop Canada.

MSRP: $39.99, at the time in writing no date for Skylanders Monopoly in the UK.

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