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Martain Manhunter and the Original Green Lantern .. John Stewart Coming to Injustice


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Warner Brothers has revealed Martian Manhunter at the new DLC for Injustice – God Among Us, also with an alternate skin for Green Lantern… John Stewart is here!

Martian Manhunter

Martain Manhunter

John Stewart Injustice

John Stewart was the original Green Lantern in the comic series.




Not only was the alien revealed, but so was an alternate skin for Green Lantern… John is here!

Chris Hare
Chris Hare
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  1. John Stewart was not the original Green Lantern in the comics. Technically it would be Allan Scott who arrived in the 1940s, then Hal Jordan who was introduced in the end of the 50s, which is where Green Lantern lore as we know it started. John Stewart first appeared in the 70s. So he isnt the original GL in our timeline or the DC timeline. But stoked to see him in the game!!

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