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Eternal Descent: Heavy Metal Heroes


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Today Eternal Descent revealed the first wave of real-world heavy metal heroes in Eternal Descent: Heavy Metal Heroes, and the roles they play in the forthcoming video game. Joe Satriani, Andrew W.K. and Misha Mansoor of Periphery will appear as heroic assists within the game, activated by unique power-up tokens appearing on screen.

Following a signature entrance animation, each of the heavy metal heroes joins in with the daemon-bashing frenzy for a limited time, with each monster they take down adding to the player’s score tally.


Joe Satriani –  the extremist himself! Descending from the cosmos to bring harmony to dissonance and restore your energy with strange and beautiful music.

> Event – teleports into view with cosmic flair; heals the player character whilst charging up to teleport out; resulting in a huge cosmic flash and are of effect attack that neutralizes all enemies on screen.

> Contributed original lead guitar recordings and referenced his iconic ‘Surfing With The Alien’ solo for the in-game theme.

> Reprising his role from the Eternal Descent comics (Vol.2 #3)


Andrew W.K. unleashes the power of positive partying with a flurry of head bangs, high kicks and guitar spins – culminating in a devastating pizza party onslaught!

> Event – Leaps into the action; does Tasmanian Devil-style spinning attack to take out ground enemies; does high jump into the air and lands with an explosive pizza bomb finale.

> Contributed original voice acting,; collaborated with Llexi Leon on his party theme; provided detailed schematics of his custom ESP pizza guitar which has been recreated in-game.

Misha Mansoor jetpacks into the action to offer some much needed air support, charging up his laser powered Jackson guitar to over 9,000!

> Event – flies on-screen with jetpack; hovers alongside player character and charges up massive laser blast which takes out all flying enemies every few seconds; exits via jetpack.

> Contributed original signature guitars, custom in-game theme and voice acting.

> Reprising his role from the Eternal Descent comics (Vol.2 #4)

> In-game appearance, phrases and abilities pay tribute to existing video game, anime and Internet memes.

Eternal Descent: Heavy Metal Heroes is released on iOS platforms in July, with plans for Android, PC and home console versions of Eternal Descent: Heavy Metal Heroes in the future.

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