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MOGA – New Handheld Mobile Gaming System – Now On Sale


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The MOGA Mobile Gaming System, which is the new mobile gaming experience is now officially on sale in the UK. The MOGA system is a mobile gaming systems and transforms existing Android smartphones and tablets into portable, precision gaming devices, making clumsy and uncomfortable gaming on phone screens a thing of the past.

The MOGA Mobile Gaming System, consisting of the MOGA Pro and MOGA Pocket, will start retailing in the UK today.  The MOGA Pocket will be sold online at GAME, Carphone Warehouse, TescoDirect and, while GAME will also sell both the MOGA Pocket and MOGA Pro exclusively in store until October.

MOGAPocketbyPowerA_Phone_3qtr White

The game-changing MOGA Pocket Controller features dual analogue sticks, shoulder triggers and four action buttons, and connects wirelessly via Bluetooth, transforming consumers’ existing smartphones and tablets into precision gaming systems – with no extra hardware required.  Using the MOGA Arm to secure your smartphone, MOGA Pocket gamers benefit from a uniquely slim and sleek ergonomic design that maximises portability, whilst also minimising wrist fatigue during gaming sessions. Perfect for the gamer-on-the-go, the MOGA Pocket has a discreet, compact design.


The MOGA Pro Controller is designed for mobile gamers looking for extended playtime with console style feel. Designed for maximum comfort and control, the MOGA Pro has full-sized grips, dual analogue sticks and a D-Pad, bringing console-class gaming to the mobile environment. With the MOGA Pocket, there is no need for batteries as the controller is fully rechargeable and also HID enabled to grant a mobile gamer access to an even wider collection of gaming titles.

“With so many consumers and gaming influencers willing to recommend our products and our clear vision of where mobile gaming is heading, we are very confident of replicating the success we’ve had in the United States. The UK consumer is typically a very early adopter of new technologies and we’re eagerly anticipating their reaction to our products”, commented Eric Bensussen, MOGA President. “We really believe that this system is going to be a game changer in the mobile gaming sector, allowing consumers to play anywhere, anyhow, ultimately revolutionising their experience”.

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The MOGA Controllers benefit from an extensive library of games that can be accessed via the free, downloadable MOGA Pivot app. All a user has to do is download the app from Google Play to their tablet or smartphone to reap the rewards of MOGA Enhanced game titles. The Pivot App is constantly updating, providing MOGA users with an extensive collection of new games every month.


MOGA Pocket- £29.99

MOGA Pro- £39.99

For more information please visit and get the latest news at or

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  1. To bad that moga wants an extra US$100 for shipping the moga pro to countries like Australia! 🙁

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