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Namco Bandai to Host ‘Tales of Xillia’ & ‘Project X Zone’ Comps at MCM London Comic Con


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Namco Bandai to Host ‘Tales of Xillia’ and ‘Project X Zone’ Comps at MCM London Comic Con

To celebrate the launch of Tales of Xillia and Project X Zone, Namco Bandai Games UK is playing host to two awesome competitions at the MCM London Comic Con – both taking place between 10.00am and 11.00am on Saturday 25 May.

mcm expo london 2013

The help get the party started, Tales of Xillia producer Hideo Baba-San will be selecting three of his favourite ‘Tales of…’ fans, based on their love for the series; the lucky winners could not only scoop a Tales of Xillia X limited edition PS3 but also have lunch with the man himself. For more details on how to enter the competition, just follow this link:

mcm expo london 2013 2

Next up is Namco Bandai’s Project X Zone cosplay competition where the rules are simple – come dressed as any of the characters on the box art and the best dressed will win a copy of the game at launch! To see the box art and for more details, click here:

Tickets for MCM London Comic Con are available at:

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