GamingGrid 2 Multiplayer details and screenshots revealed

Grid 2 Multiplayer details and screenshots revealed


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Codemasters have revealed how GRID 2 will immerse players in a new world of multiplayer competition powered by RaceNet, the online extension for Codemasters Racing games which tracks players’ races, rivals and rewards. GRID 2’s multiplayer game mode will offer an entirely distinct progression system, separate from career mode, offering depth and flexibility as the best of modern online gaming comes to the racing genre.

RaceNet _In-Game_Drift_01


GRID 2 Multiplayer Modes

Whether players want to dive into a quick race online or in two-player split-screen,
specialise in their favourite event or become one of the best cross-discipline racers in
the world, GRID 2 offers a multiplayer experience that revolves around the gamer’s
play style and choices.

GRID 2’s wide-range of game modes can be played online with up to 12 players,
including custom races based on player preferences and choosing from pre-defined
playlists to jump straight into the action. Players can modify their cars with upgrades
and make their mark on the grid by customising their car with a simple yet powerful
livery editor which offers up to 6 billion different combinations.

RaceNet_HUD_02  RaceNet_HUD_03

New anti-griefing technology includes player grouping, so gamers who like to trade
paint will be brought together online whilst clean racers are more likely to find similar
drivers in their online sessions.

Game modes: Race (Including LiveRoutes), Endurance, Drift, Touge, Checkpoint,
Face Off, Time Attack. Global Challenge events also includes Overtake and Power



RaceNet, Codemasters’ free online browser-based extension which tracks players’
races, rivals and rewards, launches fully with GRID 2 and is the beating heart of the
game’s multiplayer mode. RaceNet will go far beyond visualising progress in-game and
will provide players with new objectives, rivals and rewards for progress. Players can
also track community stats, leaderboards and participate in weekly Global Challenge
events. RaceNet can be accessed on player’s desktop, tablet or mobile device and will
have dedicated apps set to release around launch. Players can sign up today and get
ready for GRID 2’s launch by visiting


GRID 2 Rivals


Gamers will always have someone to play and always have a new challenge with
GRID 2’s Rivals system, powered by RaceNet. GRID 2 features three types of Rivals:

  • Weekly Rival: RaceNet automatically selects a weekly Rival to compete against
    based on ability and activity in game to ensure a well-matched challenger.
  • Social Rival: Players can choose Social Rivals from friends or players
    previously raced.
  • Custom Rival: Players can select a Custom Rival based on parameters
    including event type or geographical location.

Global Challenge

Global Challenge is where player’s rivalries come to life in this brand new
asynchronous game mode. Players can compete against Rivals even when those
Rivals are offline and earn XP, in-game Cash and RaceNet Followers(see below) as
they compete in up to nine weekly Global Challenges selected from across GRID 2’s
wide range of game modes and locations. Players can track progress in Global
Challenge in-game and online through RaceNet.

RaceNet Followers

As players perform on track they can gain online fame and bragging rights by
increasing their RaceNet Follower base. The better they perform, and the more
objectives completed, the larger the increase in Followers players will get. Followers
can be stolen from Rivals by beating them in weekly Global Challenges and gained on
RaceNet by taking part in online events, participating in Community Challenges and
completing RaceNet objectives. Gamers can also unlock RaceNet Rivals cards on the
site to show off Follower Achievements and RaceNet will showcase players with the
most amount of Followers.

Get Social

RaceNet_Screen_06  RaceNet_Screen_09

Players can show off great overtaking moves or spectacular crashes online as GRID 2
allows gamers to quickly upload highlights to YouTube and RaceNet from in-game and
easily share their favourite videos through Facebook and Twitter.

RaceNet_HUD_13  RaceNet_In-Game_Race_Chicago_04

GRID 2, the long-awaited sequel to the BAFTA-award winning, critically acclaimed Race Driver: GRID, will race into retail on 31st May for the Xbox 360 , PLAYSTATION 3 computer and PC.

There is also the Grid 2 website to check out.

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