NoiseHush, based in Valencia, CA, has announced a new set of noise cancelling headphones designed to take on Bose noise cancelling headphones at a much lower price point.  Read on for details.


NoiseHush, based in Valencia, CA, has announced a new set of noise cancelling headphones designed to take on Bose noise cancelling headphones at a much lower price point.  First, a little bit about NoiseHush:

NoiseHush is a global provider of innovative Bluetooth Headsets, Mono Headsets, Car Kits, Stereo Headsets, Stereo Bluetooth, Cell phone Headsets, and other wireless hands free solutions. As one of the world leaders, the company is passionate about design, quality, technology, and improving lives through revolutionary products. All of our products are known to be easy to use, highly configurable, and extremely reliable. All hardware design, software design, and product manufacturing is done in-house giving us an unparalleled level of flexibility and control. Over the years, NoiseHush has established strategic relationships with major engineering firms allowing us to deliver a wide range of cutting-edge, cost-effective products. NoiseHush products sell through an elaborate network of authorized distributors, resellers, VARs, retailers and e-tailers.

Exceptional reliability from lean manufacturing techniques and employing advanced engineering design won us international recognition and prestigious FCC, CE, and BQB certifications.

We provide the following hands free solutions:

Bluetooth Headsets – We have a wide assortment, from the cutting-edge N550, to our tiny N450.

Speakerphone Car Kit – Look at our visor clip style N600, or N650 solar car kit.

Stereo Headphones – We have wired stereo headsets made from some of the most durable materials such as our NX40.

Stereo Bluetooth – Our N550 fits that description, enjoy being surrounded by sound.

Helmet Headset – The N800 is our motorcycle Bluetooth helmet solution.

Now onto the new product announcement:

The NoiseHush i7 noise cancelation headphone suppresses surrounding noise and enhances audio reception quality.


NoiseHush, Valencia, CA – April 8, 2013 – The new NoiseHush i7 noise cancellation headphone virtually eliminates all surrounding noise, creating a sound wave that delivers a noise-free, superior audio reception experience.

The NoiseHush i7 is designed with full spectrum circuitry to provide a sound-proof acoustic system to effectively counteracts and cancels background noise. This innovative technology enables you to listen to music with maximum audio quality, or simply enjoy quietness and serenity.

Sleek and light weight, the NoiseHush i7 has a comfortable ear cushion headset with leather ear cups ergonomically designed for comfort and sound insulation. This engineering technology allows crystal-clear delivery of your favorite tunes for maximum acoustic enjoyment.

The technologically advanced i7 noise cancellation design allows you plug and connect to 3.5mm stereo jack and selectively hear every detail and nuance without undesirable interruption from your environment.

Tested and proven result: The NoiseHush i7 quality and effectiveness has been tested and proven by acoustic engineers and independent acoustic labs. Numerous stringent tests were conducted in side-by-side analysis with other popular headphone manufacturers.

The test results – NoiseHush equaled or matched the noise reduction tests in: Traffic noise, airplane noise, crowd noise and pink noise. In some cases, the noise frequency equaled or surpassed some of the most popular, high-end products in the market, yet NoiseHush is offered at substantially lower cost. .

About the company: NoiseHush is a global provider of innovative Bluetooth connectivity solutions. NoiseHush offers a series of wire-less devices including sports headsets, and stereo headsets. Our in-house engineers, designers and quality control team follow stringent quality control guidelines in manufacturing our NoiseHush products.

• Frequency: 30Hz-20 kHz • Speaker Type: 40mm
• Neodymium Cone Impedance: 32ohm • Power Output: 100mW
• Noise Reduction: 20dB max • Sensitivity: 98±3dB
• Audio Connector: Gold Plated • Battery life of up to 120 hours
• Cable Length: Detachable 5.9 feet • Weight: 175g
• Battery Life: Up to 120hrs


Bose QuietComfort noise cancellation headphones cost between $300 and $350, and NoiseHush is positioning these headphones at about $100.  If they can deliver, they will be able to sell plenty of product!  We’ll keep you posted about these NoiseHush headphones.