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Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Q&A with Creative Director Dean Evans


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After information on the game, and the game itself leaking, Ubisoft have officially announced Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon and we have a Q&A with Dean Evens the Creative Director.


Over to Dean:

What is Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon?

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon is an all-out honest cyber shooter that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

In a genre saturated with super serious narrative and realistic settings we felt it was time to inject some good old fashioned robofun into it. Think of it as the third movie in an action franchise… it’s got a bit tired and long in the tooth.

It’s that moment when the producers decide to go all in. Robocop 3 and Rambo 3 are great examples of movies that just went crazy to explode (implode) the franchise. Toys, Cartoons, Cereal… that kind of stuff came flooding in. The philosophy with Blood Dragon was to create something that’s so bad its good.

Many shooters are just 80s action movies in disguise so we just embraced it and ran with it.

Can you tell us about the vision behind the game?

Blood Dragon is the product on growing up in the 80s and 90s.

Late nights watching action movies and playing first and second gen consoles. A single light from the TV illuminated the room while burning your retina.

A time when browsing the video store was the highlight of your week. VHS forever baby.

I miss the aesthetic of those times. Chrome, lasers, cyborgs, neon and smoke. And when I talked about it with the team I realized I was not alone and they happily joined the cyber-ranks. It’s a timeless aesthetic that unfortunately has almost disappeared from gaming.

There was a time when it ruled the world… BRING IT BACK. It was the birth of our industry and deserves to be celebrated.

How did you write the script?

We sometimes used pens but mainly a BBC Acorn computer using word processing software.

What can you tell us of the scope of the game?

The game has about 8 hours of content and infinite open world filled with cyber murder.

Can you tell us more about the group behind the soundtrack?

Power Glove from Melbourne… these guys are the bomb.

They deserve huge success. This is their first videogame project and they have delivered beyond all expectations.

Available soon by the way, keep an eye on our channels!

And what’s the “take away” you want players to have when they finish the game?

That was stupid, terrible, amazing fun. I wan’t more.

Why making it a standalone downloadable experience instead of a DLC?

We wanted to experiment with different forms of expansion and a standalone was our choice for this project.

What platforms will the game release on?

PS3, 360. PC and Turbo MegaSystem

Have you planned any of the leaks on purpose?

The Creative Director has a Welsh lineage and the national vegetable is?

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