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PlayStation 4 to Cost £270 at Launch


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Sony’s PlayStation 4 will  reportedly retail at 40,000 Yen when it launches in Japan.

Based on  current exchange rates, the console would sell for $428 in North America and  approximately £270 in the UK. In comparison, the PS3 launched at 60,000 Yen in  Japan, $599 in North America and £425 in the UK.

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A report in major Japanese newspaper the Asahi Shimbun (via The Verge) suggests that the console  will indeed be announced on February  20, and will launch later this year in Japan and North America.

No  mention was made of the European release date, however, suggesting that recent reports of a 2014 launch may be accurate.

It is believed that the  console’s new controller will feature a touch pad, while another report in the  Nikkei business daily says that the console will use cloud technology provided by Gaikai.

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