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CES2013: Klipsch Announces Its New Line of Klipsch Music Centers


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Klipsch announced a new line of wireless speakers for your mobile devices, aimed at audiophiles.  Read on for details.


Klipsch announced a new line of wireless speakers for your mobile devices, aimed at audiophiles.  These systems sport multiple speakers and a 5 1/4” subwoofer, which should provide excellent sound quality and bass performance.  Klipsch did not bundle a rechargable battery for the portable unit, opting for six D cells; both the table top unit support Bluetooth, DLNA, AirPlay and AptX.  Here is the press release:

Klipsch Music Centers Make Debut at CES

INDIANAPOLIS (January 8, 2013) — Klipsch, a leading global speaker manufacturer, announces today its new line of Klipsch Music Centers, with the Klipsch Music Center Stadium and Klipsch Music Center KMC 3 debuting at CES.
The product line commemorates the brand’s partnership with Live Nation Entertainment and its sponsorship of the Klipsch Music Center amphitheater in its global headquarter city of Indianapolis. Designed to take the concert anywhere, the series of wireless sound solutions connect listeners with their favorite artists—minus the crowd.

Showcasing brushed aluminum cabinetry with soft-touch accents, the Klipsch Music Center Stadium harmonizes with any size and style living arrangement. Equipped with AirPlay®, apt-X® Bluetooth and DLNA, Stadium was created to grant audiophiles the convenience of portable music storage in smart devices, while also ensuring it’s accompanied by high-performance audio. The 2.1 tabletop sound solution features dual 1-inch, horn-loaded tweeters and 3-inch midrange woofers. These components are combined with dual 5.25-inch, built-in subwoofers to ensure premier bass output and sound quality.

In addition to offering aesthetic appeal with its unique soft-feel paint, semi-gloss accents and jewel-like logos, the apt-X® Bluetooth-enabled Klipsch Music Center KMC 3 presents a portable 2.1 system designed for powerful, accurate sound reproductions. With dual 2-inch, full-range drivers and a dedicated 5.25-inch subwoofer, the KMC 3 produce amazingly detailed output while creating deep, realistic bass. Completing the lifelike music experience is 130 watts of digital power produced by the system. A USB charging port is available to keep a streaming device charged, while a 3.5-milimeter input provides wired playback from any other music source.

“We’re proud to have a series of products that represents our commitment to live music,” said Paul Jacobs, CEO of Klipsch. “With the KMC 3 representing our first Bluetooth speaker, we’re eager to diversify our future offerings in the wireless audio category and help change the way individuals share the listening experience with one another.”

The Klipsch Music Center KMC 3 will be available in spring 2013, and the Klipsch Music Center Stadium in summer 2013. Additional KMC systems will join the series throughout 2013 and 2014.

Check out this video of the KMC3:

The KMC3 will be available this spring and will retail for $399.99.  The Music Center Stadium will follow in summer 2013; we’ll keep you posted.

Klipsch Music Center Press Release
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