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YouTube App is Updated With Support for iPhone 5, iPad, AirPlay and more


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Google has released a major update to its YouTube app bringing support for the iPhone 5, iPad, and AirPlay.
Watch the world’s videos and keep up with your favourite YouTube channels with the official YouTube app for iOS.

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✓ Enjoy YouTube’s vast video catalog

✓ Find videos and channels more easily with voice search and query autocomplete

✓ Subscribe to channels and instantly access your subscriptions with the channel guide UI

✓ Read comments, browse related videos, enable subtitles and more – all while watching

✓ Easy video sharing to Google+, E-mail, Facebook and Twitter
What’s New In This Version:

* Optimized for iPad and iPhone 5

* Stream videos with AirPlay

* Tap logo to open your Guide of channels

* Add and remove videos from your playlists

* Clickable links in video descriptions

* Improved accessibility with VoiceOver
You can download YouTube from the App Store for free

Chris Hare
Chris Hare
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