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A preview of Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 and an interview with Michael Sroczynski from City Interactive


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We recently had a preview of City Interactives forthcoming game Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2. We also got to sit down with Michael Sroczynski to talk about it.

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The first Sniper: Ghost Warrior game was a hit with game players, but wasn’t a hit with reviewers. In fact a lot of reviewers seemed to hate it, but at the same time it still sold well and a lot of people played it.

Back at E3 in June we had a demo of Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 and back then it was planned to be released around October or November of this year – then suddenly it was pushed back and at that time there was no real word given as to why that was.

Jump forward a few months and we were invited to play two levels and so we went along to see how the game had developed.

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The story takes places between 1993 and 1999 and starts in Bosnia, moving onto the Philippines and Tibet (but more on that in the interview below).

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There is a lot of humour in the game, but not over the top humour like in other games.

There is a lot of stealth required in this game – but unlike other stealth games if you are seen it’s not game over. Frankly if you are seen its probably likely you will die, but at least you have a chance.

_namcobandai_Screenshots_40231S05_nologo _namcobandai_Screenshots_40232S06_nologo

Your spotter is very important in the game – he gives you advice and guidance and just like a real sniper you must put your life in his hands.

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There are bullet cams in the game – these are rewards for good or difficult shots and it can be rather rewarding to see it in slow motion when you have spent a lot of time preparing for the shot.

The demo we played utilised DirectX 9, but we were informed that when the game is released early next year it will incorporate DirectX 11.


For the demo we got to play two levels. The first level didn’t actually involve a sniper rifle at all – in fact, at the start of the level your character actually drops his rifle and the level is all about stealth with only a knife and a silenced pistol to help you. You have to make your way through a camp, avoiding enemies and eventually plant some explosives.

The second level actually did involve your sniper rifle and there were lots of stealth and then taking out the enemy in different positions, and it certainly felt a lot more intense that the first level.

To be honest it was hard to tell from those two levels how the game will turn out. The first level we played was a little boring – personally for a game where you are a sniper, I want to be a sniper and not someone who is crouching and crawling around slowly trying not to be seen without ever even having your sniper rifle with you.

The second level was more interesting, however there were a lot of enemies who seemed to either sense where you were and all start shooting at you, or wouldn’t notice that their fellow bad guy had just been dispatched.

This was a preview, so to be fair a lot can change between then and the final release and I am interested to see how the game develops.

After the two levels we got to sit down with Michael Sroczynski who is a producer working on the game. We talked about the game, the weapons and various other things.

And here is the interview with Michael:

What do you think of Sniper Ghost Warrior 2? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 will be available to buy on Xbox 360, PS3 & PC early 2013, for further information visit

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