NewsA look at the new Sony Xperia phones at...

A look at the new Sony Xperia phones at IFA 2012


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Last week at IFA, Sony announced their new Xperia phones. After the press conference we got to see them a little more (but not much).

CDW - Sony Xperia Phones at IFA 2012 - 23

Four new models were announced at IFA, all under the Xperia range – the V, J, T and TX. All of the new phones will be running Ice Cream Sandwich.

CDW - Sony Xperia Phones at IFA 2012 - 3 CDW - Sony Xperia Phones at IFA 2012 - 4

Sony Xperia V

CDW - Sony Xperia V at IFA 2012

Sony Xperia J

CDW - Sony Xperia J at IFA 2012

Xperia J specs

Sony Xperia T

CDW - Sony Xperia T at IFA 2012

The Xperia T is considered the flagship of the four new phones, and this is the phone that James Bond will be using in the new Skyfall movie out new month.

Xperia T specs

Sony Xperia TX

CDW - Sony Xperia TX at IFA 2012

Sony even had a splash-proof demo going with an Xperia being sprayed with water, and still working.

CDW - Sony Xperia Phones at IFA 2012 - 1

We hope to have a lot more information and some hands-on very soon!

So what do you think of the new Sony phones? Are you likely to get one? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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