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My Movies for Windows Media Center 4.04 released


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Brian has just released My Movies for Windows Media Center version 4.04, so go get it now.


Here is the change log:

Added: DunePath for TV Series are uploaded to server to prepare for TV Series in mobile applications.
Added: The 3D Blu-ray checkbox was not shown in the title preview.
Added: Command line option /sql2008 for installer to install SQL Server 2008 R2 on Vista or Windows 7, which normally installs SQL Server 2005.
Added: Option for installers to replace Windows Media Center logo in copy discs dialog.
Added: Contribution history on TV Series images.

Update: MediaInfo.dll files updated to newer version.

Fix: The “Do not show again” on the functionality details form did not work if you clicked the “Later” button.
Fix: Titles starting with “.” character was not visible on Dune’s due to folders starting with . is by default hidden on unix based systems.
Fix: Error when mapping side b of a disc with TV episodes.
Fix: Category is now saved on series UpdateEpisode.
Fix: Issue if you created a filter to show titles either with or without audio tracks.
Fix: Audio tracks and subtitles could in some situation loose their sorting.
Fix: RS-232 based changers did not work correct with the input switchers.
Fix: RS-232 changers did not work if first played from WMC, then from iPad.
Fix: Issues with export package on iPad.
Fix: Sort by episode added did not work correct.
Fix: You could get a prompt to save data on a TV Series even when nothing had changed.
Fix: Issue where download of title from WHS could fail if folder contained ‘ character.
Fix: TV Series poster was not closed when storing Dune meta-data, which could give issues.
Fix: Minor error in CM when deleting a TV Series – the Series node wasn’t removed from the title list.
Fix: Optimize database could warn about missing paths on titles that no longer existed.
Fix: TV series and season images was deleted when changing language, if the same images just needed to be used.
Fix: Making changes on a TV Series removed items from the episode structure.
Fix: The “All Titles” on season and episode view loaded all series instead of all episodes in current location.
Fix: Cover row and details view could lock up in some situations.
Fix: Episode Image changing didn’t work when there was more that one picture for the episode.
Fix: Facebook login did not function on Windows.
Fix: Incorrect message about disabling tray when applying settings for extenders.

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