TomTom yesterday launched the TomTom Hands Free Car Kit for smartphones with the highest quality audio for loud, clear hands-free calling and navigation. The new Car Kit features an advanced noise and echocancellation system, which dramatically reduces background noise for the caller and removes ambient noise for the driver.

TomTom MicroUSB window midres

New mounting options make smartphone use on the move safer and more convenient.  The newly designed Car Kit has an adjustable grip to fit any smartphone with or without its cover. An extendable microphone can be clipped to the sun visor to ensure conversations are louder and clearer.


The TomTom Hands Free Car Kit comes in two versions to support iPhone and micro USB compatible smartphones such as Android phones. Two iPhones and/or smartphones can automatically pair simultaneously. When connected via Bluetooth®, voice recognition functionality can be activated – enabling drivers to navigate and dial without taking their hands off the wheel.

The hands-free car kit offers drivers:

Sound boost – An in-built 2 watt speaker means that drivers can hear hands-free calls and navigation instructions loud and clear.

Extendable microphone – The microphone can be brought closer to the driver for clearer conversations.

Noise and echo cancellation – Cancels out background noise so drivers can have even clearer conversations.

Dual phone connection – Connects two phones simultaneously.

Fast charging – Fast charges the driver’s phone on the go.

Dual mounting system – Drivers can choose to mount their device on the dashboard or the windscreen. It includes a self-adhesive disc that allows use of the suction mount on the dash or centre console.

Voice menu and spoken instructions – Drivers can connect their phone easily using the voice menu and spoken instructions.

  • Easy-reach answer and reject buttons – Answer and reject calls, even when the phone isn’t mounted

The TomTom Hands-Free Car Kit for iPhone or Smartphone is available in selected retail stores and from\smartphone priced £79.95.

The TomTom Hands-Free Car Kit for iPhone with Western EU navigation app is priced at £129.95