GamingTransformers: Fall of Cybertron game demo available now

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron game demo available now


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It’s not long now until Activision’s new game Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is out, and as of today you can download and play a demo of it.


The full, legendary TRANSFORMERS: FALL OF CYBERTRON saga begins on 24st August  when the game hits retail stores… but before that, we want to let you know about our downloadable demo available now on Xbox LIVE Marketplace and on 1st August  for PlayStation Network.

3769Transformers FOC - Grimlock_14 3771Transformers FOC - Megatron hero shot_23774Transformers FOC - Optimus and Metroplex_8 3776Transformers FOC - Starscream in firefight_6

This feature-packed demo gives fans the opportunity to sample both single AND multi-player modes in TRANSFORMERS: FALL OF CYBERTRON.  Gamers can experience the explosive first mission as BUMBLEBEE desperately battles to save the Autobot starship under heavy attack from MEGATRON and the Decepticons.  Players will also get to take control of VORTEX in a non-linear assault mission, changing from chopper-to-jet-to-robot however they please while engaging in blistering firefights on the ground and in the air.  As if that wasn’t enough, the TRANSFORMERS: FALL OF CYBERTRON demo also allows fans to get a taste of the game’s robust Transformers character customizer and take their newly created bots straight into Team Deathmatch and Conquest online multiplayer modes.

3765Transformers Fall of Cybertron_Vortex in vehicle_7 3766Transformers FOC - Bumblebee driving3767Transformers FOC - Grimlock fire_8 3773Transformers FOC - Megatron_hover attack 4

For more information and updates, fans can visit and

Have you played the demo yet? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below.

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