Tech Gadgets Kitchen Gadgets: the Heston Blumenthal Creative Range by Salter

Kitchen Gadgets: the Heston Blumenthal Creative Range by Salter


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As it’s July already, the Christmas press events are coming thick and fast, and one of the events we visited last week included a range of kitchen gadgets by the famous chef Heston Blumenthal.

CDW - Heston Blumenthal Creative Range - 25

Part of the Heston Blumenthal range by Salter, this creative range is a collection of clever, precise, state of the art baking tools and gadgets to give the ultimate precision in the kitchen, as well as unique design style.

Precision Digital Measuring Jug

CDW - Heston Blumenthal Creative Range - 7 CDW - Heston Blumenthal Creative Range - 4CDW - Heston Blumenthal Creative Range - 5 CDW - Heston Blumenthal Creative Range - 6

This measuring jug has a 1 litre detachable jug with ml, cup, fl.oz and pint markings. It has a really useful Add & Weigh ‘zero’ function allows for measurement of multiple ingredients in the same bowl meaning you don’t need separate containers already weighed out. It can automatically converts flour, sugar, milk, water and oil from weight to volume and it has an easy to read display on the handle. This will cost you £35.99.

Dual Ended Spatulas

CDW - Heston Blumenthal Creative Range - 12 CDW - Heston Blumenthal Creative Range - 13

These spatulas are made of silicon, with hard core and flexible ends, and retails for £18 for a pair.

3D Cookie Cutters

CDW - Heston Blumenthal Creative Range - 16 CDW - Heston Blumenthal Creative Range - 17

These cookie cutters can be used to make cookies of different shapes, but the major selling point is that you can make 3D cookies by slotting the cookies together once they have been baked. These retail at £15 and are a lot of fun.

Professional Whisk

CDW - Heston Blumenthal Creative Range - 9 CDW - Heston Blumenthal Creative Range - 15

This whisk has a large balloon for whisking in plenty of air and it felt very sturdy. This will set you back £12.

Adjustable Measuring Spoons

CDW - Heston Blumenthal Creative Range - 18 CDW - Heston Blumenthal Creative Range - 19CDW - Heston Blumenthal Creative Range - 20 CDW - Heston Blumenthal Creative Range - 21

These adjustable measuring spoons are a great idea. Not only can you easily and accurately measure between 1/8 teaspoon up to 1 tablespoon, but they are easy to clean. You just set the amount you want to measure and it’s a simple as that! A set of two will cost you £18.

Adjustable Rolling Pin

CDW - Heston Blumenthal Creative Range - 10 CDW - Heston Blumenthal Creative Range - 24CDW - Heston Blumenthal Creative Range - 23 CDW - Heston Blumenthal Creative Range - 22

This rolling pin in a lightweight hollow plastic rolling pin with interchangeable depth guide discs. You just decide on the depth you need, unscrew the ends of the rolling pin, set the plastic depth guide discs and start rolling. This will cost you £22.

Final Thoughts

One thing I noticed about the entire range was the quality – it was very good indeed, and when you consider the price, that is almost surprising.

This is not another celebrity endorsed brand, I was told that Heston personally approves each and every product, and so if it’s good enough for him, is it good enough for you?

These would make great Christmas presents – who knows, maybe even I will get some and see how I get on in the kitchen!

Everything other than the digital measuring jug will be available later this year, in plenty of time for Christmas. The jug is available now.

Learn more about the Heston Blumenthal Precision range from here

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