BJ from Intelisan has been in touch to let us know that their LDisk-D add-in for Windows Home Server 2011 has been updated.


The two main differences between LDisk and LDisk-D are:

1- Customers wanted iSCSI functionality, but did not have any blank disks to use with LDisk

2- Cusomters wanted iSCSI functionality for non-English WHS-2011, WSS-e, and SBS-2011e operating systems

Below is a table showing the prices and the differences between each version:


LDisk-D Version changes

LDisk-D Version for WHS-2011, WSS-essentials, or SBS-2011-essentials is released with these Improvements:

1-    Enable users to start the trial when they want
2-    Increase the trial period to 2 months
3-    Read only access volumes
4-    Change “Connect/Disconnect” menu to “Access”

Learn more from the Intelisan website