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My Movies for Windows Media Center 4.03 PR5 (Build 2) Released


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Brian has just released My Movies for Windows Media Center version 4.03 PR5 (Build 2).


Here is the change log:

Added: Option in “Movies” settings section in WMC to hide offline play options on playback if there are online play options.
Added: When you change episode paths, it now checks if other paths are changed as well.
Added: Sort saving for title list in the Collection Management dialog

Change: Various updates to the automatic refesh rate changing functionality.
Change: Added functionality for folder monitoring to recreate watchers if they get lost due to host reboots.
Change: Refresh rate is now reset when leaving My Movies.
Change: Some internal component parts where replaced with others for the UI in Collection Management.

Fix: MediaBrowser setting did not stick.
Fix: Minor fixes to better handle non-AACS Blu-ray’s
Fix: When adding a box set the latest added title will now be the selected one after the adding proces.
Fix: TV Series on Discs did not always have their episode coupled to owned episodes
Fix: Double click on an episode on the season listing under a disc title now jumps to the right episode.
Fix: MediaBrowser XML file was in some situations still encrypted.

Before installing a pre release version, you must make a backup of your database using the Collection Management program. There is no guarantee that a pre release version functions as expected, and it should only be used for evaluation purposes. The database backup ensures that you can revert back to the latest stable version.

My Movies 4.03 Pre Release 5 can be used as client for My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011 2.11 Pre Release 5 or My Movies for Windows Home Server 2.00.


Download My Movies 4.03 PR5 now Check out our review of My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011 2.0 Pre Release 7
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