Tech Apple Plex Updates their Media Server to v0.9.6.1

Plex Updates their Media Server to v0.9.6.1


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Plex has just released an update to their Media Server, taking it to version and bringing with it a number of fixes and new features.


This is the list of changes in this build:

NEW: Mac OSX releases are now signed with Developer ID, making it Mountain Lion and 10.7.4 friendly.
NEW: We now allow the selection of higher quality streams over 3G with the latest iOS client.
NEW: Show “Plex Media Server” when mapping a port via UPnP so it’s nice and pretty on the router.
NEW: Plex Media Server is now available for ReadyNAS Duo v2 (ARM).
NEW: (DLNA) Support matching headers by regular expression in DLNA profiles.
NEW: (DLNA) Allow MIME types to be flexibly overridden by DLNA profiles.

FIX: Don’t return empty Silverlight Smooth Streaming (SLSS) manifest files, crashes some clients.
FIX: Bad transcoder regression that made remuxing produce ugly artifacts on iOS clients (purple/green).
FIX: Transcoder regression where WEB-DL files (and others) could crash the transcoder.
FIX: Fixed a bug where a large number of sections could make the server not show up in clients.
FIX: Make sure media files sent back can be cached by clients.
FIX: Speed up deletion of (especially large) library sections by at least two orders of magnitude. Fast!
FIX: Fix for subtitles not being enabled automatically in certain cases.
FIX: When we have *known* foreign audio, and a single unknown subtitle, enable it.
FIX: Handle SIGTERM, this is the default kill signal and we should do a proper shutdown.
FIX: (Linux) Plex Media Server now bundles rsync.
FIX: Don’t allow the OS to go to sleep while streaming media.
FIX: Crash that happened when manual NAT setting was used.
FIX: Silverlight and Flash channel crashes on Windows and OS X. (e.g. Netflix)
FIX: Audio transcoder fixes.
FIX: SLSS crash fixed and support for files which claim crazy frame-rates.
FIX: Long shutdown on Linux.
FIX: Some videos not Direct Streaming with LG TVs.
FIX: Crash when /etc/mtab doesn’t exist, use /proc/mounts instead.
FIX: /search endpoint supports single quotes in queries.
FIX: (DLNA) Fix dimensions for DLNA videos of unknown size.
FIX: (DLNA) Don’t error out on unknown DLNA profile tags.
FIX: (DLNA) Give up on starting the DLNA server if it fails too many times in a row.
FIX: (DLNA) Windows setup now creates a firewall exception for DLNA.
FIX: (DLNA) iTunes artist titles was not read correctly by DLNA.
FIX: (DLNA) Return a better protocol info for picky clients.

And for

NEW: DLNA support.
NEW: Silverlight Smooth Streaming support.
NEW: Audio transcoder (not yet used).
NEW: Many enhancements to generic transcoder.
NEW: Support for gzipped replies, making mobile browsing much quicker.

FIX: Image thumbnails are rotated according to EXIF data.
FIX: (Transcoder) Resuming certain videos on mobile clients didn’t work.
FIX: Crash in network detection code.
FIX: Cases where scans can abort prematurely.
FIX: On Lion, don’t require the more powerful GPU.
FIX: Detect local network access via IP/netmask.
FIX: (Linux) Crash scanning when permissions were wrong.
FIX: Sometimes auto-generated thumbs turned out too dark.
FIX: An issue signing into myPlex (“Plex Headers are Required”).
FIX: Don’t return disabled build-in plug-ins (e.g. Aperture).
FIX: (Windows) Kill phantom transcode sessions.
FIX: A number of other crashes and minor bugs.

Download Plex Media Server from here

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