A Slice of Raspberry Pi at Sci-Fi London Horizons

Over the weekend at the BFI in London, the Sci-Fi London Horizons event took place. We were there on the Sunday along with Eben and Liz Upton from Raspberry Pi.

Outside of the Blue room we had for the event was a table with two, yes that’s right, two working Raspberry Pi’s.


And of course Manic Miner was being played on the FUSE emulator on one of them. Well it was an event to celebrate the ZX Spectrum after all!

Before Eben’s talk, I had a long chat with him about various things. One of the things he told me was that by the end of next month there should be around 120,000 Pi’s “in the wild”, which is amazing! I am still waiting for mine, but it should be very soon.

Another thing we talked about was the number of Pi’s that appeared on eBay the first week of launch, and still continue to be on there at around the £100-200 mark. Like me, he is disappointed that people are putting them up their to make a profit, which really goes against the whole reason for the Raspberry Pi coming into existence. Still, as he told me, once the product runs start getting out there over the next few weeks there shouldn’t be that many selling at those sorts of prices.

He also told me that they take a very active role in dealing with companies that are selling things for the Raspberry Pi that either claim to be Raspberry Pi or use the Pi logo.

Then it was time for his talk, which was entitled “The Future” and included William Marshall talking about the Pi, and various other things. As usual a very interesting session (and Liz even got to be involved)!


I recorded most of the talk and you can view the video below:

Have you got your Pi yet? Tell us what you think of it and what you are doing with it.

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