Xtreamer has released firmware version 3.5 for its Xtreamer Prodigy, Prodigy Silver, Prodigy Black devices.


This is what Xtreamer said:

Xtreamer Prodigy Ver 3.5 firmware is a result of a massive effort being done by our R&D teams and our community for the past 4 months. We built and optimized an entirely new Engine that will allow you to navigate your media collection on a movie info and poster based system. We believe that once you will try it you will be able to experience a new level of synergy of HD & Internet content. Very much the same way it is done on HTPC environment, on ver 3.5 you get a faster, simpler and more elegant user experience without all the headache of pre-processing your media on a computer.

What’s included in the update:

  • Movie Jukebox Functionality and Engine.
  • The Ability to get the movie info and posters without requiring any PC software.
  • System TrueType Font change functionality. You can now easily change the entire system font.
  • Entire new On Screen Display for Zoom, GOTO, Subtitle and INFO screens.
  • New TrickPlay while movies are playing
  • Smoother performance and file navigation
  • More system info in all media sources view modes
  • File size and HDD size
  • Integral live streaming content optimized to HD
  • Many new system core packages such as python, perl and OpenSSL
  • Compatibility to PC Scraping software such as Thumbgen and Ember Media Manager.
  • Parental Control with Folder Password Lock
  • The ability to Play a Folder in all view modes
  • Scroller in  Media Library
  • Optimization of Thumbnail view mode to poster sizes
  • Optimization of Preview mode to Fanart standard sizes.
  • Infrastructure for future growth and enhanced functionality.
  • New System Indicator Bar with more functions.
  • Language Fixes for Right to Left languages (Arabic and hebrew)
  • Many system bug fixes.
Download the firmware from here