After nearly 5 years, its time to say goodbye to Using Windows Home Server.

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During that time we have covered Windows Home Server (obviously), and more and more we are covering everything else in the connected digital world, from gadgets, to games, Ultrabooks to phones, and everything in between.

Also, one of the main reasons is that Windows Home Server just doesn’t seem to be doing anything as a product. Microsoft don’t seem to be doing much with it, there are no big vendors releasing hardware for it, and the add-in market is very small. So if we stuck to just covering WHS we wouldn’t really have a lot to talk about!

So it was only natural that the site name would have to change. In fact it’s something we have been thinking about, and planning for well over a year now, and it has got to the point where it really needed to happen.

So, over this weekend UWHS will cease to exist, and then it will be reborn something bigger and better than before.

Don’t worry, everything that is here now will still be here, and more, and hopefully, other than some downtime over the weekend, you shouldn’t experience any problems coming back!

So stay tuned this weekend, it’s all change here!