Tech Microsoft My Movies for Windows Media Center 4.03 PR2 Released

My Movies for Windows Media Center 4.03 PR2 Released


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Brian has just released My Movies for Windows Media Center version 4.03 PR2.


Here is the change log:

Fix: Missing Bonjour interop file for Data Service API in Collection Management application could cause a crash.
Fix: Special sized DVD’s did not copy correct with AnyDVD.
Fix: There was a problem with categories loading when browsing a local drive.

Update: Remote Server API updates, including setting API key in configuration.

Before installing a pre release version, you must make a backup of your database using the Collection Management program. There is no guarantee that a pre release version functions as expected, and it should only be used for evaluation purposes. The database backup ensures that you can revert back to the latest stable version.

My Movies 4.03 Pre Release 2 can be used as client for My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011 2.11 Pre Release 2 or My Movies for Windows Home Server 2.00.

My Movies PR2

Download My Movies 4.03 PR2 now

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