WindowSMART 2012 Beta Available

WindowSMART 2012 is a SMART client for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2. All are welcome to participate in the public beta, and no registration is required.

WindowSMART 2012 is a SMART disk monitoring for Windows Vista, 7, Server 2008 and Server 2008 R2. Its function is nearly identical to the Windows Home Server add-in Home Server SMART 2012, and they share about 90% of the same code.

WindowSMART 2012 consists of two main components, a user interface and a service. The user interface is where you can see the health of your disks, view detailed analysis and configure settings. The service, on the other hand, runs continuously, monitoring your disks at pre-determined intervals (default 10 minutes; you can change this). The service can send email notifications when problems are detected. You do no need to be logged into the computer for the service to run.

Features in WindowSMART 2012
  • NEW Instant notification on iOS devices using Prowl
  • NEW Instant notification on Android devices using Notify My Android
  • Solid State Disk support – HSS can report correct SMART data for the following SSD controller manufacturers (note this is being tested by the community)
    • Indilinx (seen in Crucial and Corsair)
    • Indilinx Everest (seen in OCZ Octane)
    • Intel
    • SandForce (seen in Kingston, OCZ, Patriot)
    • STEC
  • Works with disk pooling software Drive Bender and StableBit DrivePool.
    • Default setting not only ignores virtual disks, but hides them from the UI (since they have no SMART data anyway).
  • You can ignore individual problems on disks and also un-ignore (resume) them, either on an individual basis or for all problems on all disks.
  • You can ignore entire disks (and resume them as well) – useful for hiding flash drives and media card readers, as well as disks that you know are showing incorrect information (rare, but it’s been reported).
  • Improved the ability to stop, start and restart the service.
  • Shut down or reboot your computer from within the UI.
  • Send alerts via email.
  • Bug Report Helper – runs a small self-test to detect installation problems and provide details to help in troubleshooting.
  • Continuous disk health monitoring by an always-on service.
    • Monitors health of attributes and will generate alerts when a failure condition (threshold is met or exceeded) is detected.
    • Monitors disk temperature and airflow temperature, and generates alerts when unacceptable temperatures are detected (airflow temperature is flagged in HSS 2012 only).
  • Customizeable temperature thresholds for Warm, Hot, Overheated and Critical.
  • Temperature display can be shown in Celsius (default), Fahrenheit and Kelvin.
  • Proactive alerting when changes occur on certain “super critical” attributes such as bad sectors, spin retries and end-to-end errors, even if they have not actually “failed.”
  • List of physical disks shows status icons for an “at-a-glance” view of disk health.
  • Each attribute shows a colored icon in addition to a status message relative to its health.
  • Double-click any SMART attribute to learn more about that attribute on the selected disk.
  • Supports most IDE/PATA and SATA controllers that expose SMART data via standard Win32 IOCTL calls or WMI.
  • Supports most USB and FireWire enclosures that expose SMART data via standard Win32 IOCTL calls.
  • Allows you to clean up data from “stale” disks — disks you’ve removed from the server.
  • Allows you to perform a manual polling of the disks for the latest data, rather than waiting for the service to poll them again.
Learn more and download the beta from here