TechMicrosoftMicrosoft talks about getting around in Windows 8

Microsoft talks about getting around in Windows 8


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Have you downloaded and installed the consumer preview of Windows 8? If so, you might be wondering how you get around as it looks all different. Microsoft have just posted an article that you might want to read!


Here is how Microsoft starts the article:

A common thread we’ve seen in the feedback so far about Windows 8, on this blog or elsewhere, positive or negative, is that people using Windows 8 for the first time might need a little help getting their bearings. For me, the best way to get acquainted with a new operating system is a lot like the way I got acquainted with the moving parts in a lot of the gadgets I tinkered with (by which I mean my parents’ stuff that I broke) growing up: just start messing with it. I know other people, though, who like to read before beginning or read as they go. You might be able to relate to one of these styles, or you might be somewhere in between. Either way, I hope some of this info can help you use Windows 8 even more quickly and efficiently.

To continue reading it, click here.

Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
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