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Media Browser 2.5.3 (Apollo SP1) Released


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The latest version of Media Browser, version 2.5.3, codename Apollo SP1 has been released.



  • Much faster RAL loading in most instances
  • Faster performance with the Music plug-in in most instances
  • Improvements to the default theme for Music items
  • RAL should eliminate dups in situations where you have multiple children of a top item pointing to the same items
  • Unavailable content should be handled much better. Now it will just skip the validation of the specific items that are not available and allow everything else to refresh.
  • Support for logos, art and thumbs at the core level (so all themes can take advantage of them).
  • Implemented non-english metadata retrieval from tmdb
  • Indicators are shown for premium plugins in the More Plugins window of the Configurator and you can limit the list of plugins to only free ones.
  • Screensavers can now kick in from the details screen
  • Jump in List fixes with non-english character sets
  • Much better Jump in List when not sorted by name. See: Search by NAME when sorted by DATE
  • 3D Movies can now be recognized by Media Browser
  • Added mk3d media type for external players
  • Change in xml provider to look for movie.xml primarily instead of mymovies.xml. For more details see Important Notes.
  • Default theme improvements and fixes

Not much in the way of features in this release but some important bug fixes including:

  • Fix for last added lists containing TV outside of the normal file structure
  • Podcasts now show in last added lists properly
  • JIL and sorting should now work better with non-alpha characters and indexes
  • Fix for some memory leaks in the service
  • You can now index a folder by the official certification (MPAA rating)
You can download it from here
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