1. Liam Self
    Well you know I've mixed feelings. As far the whole 'window, not flag' thing goes, I get it (I mean why was it changed to a flag anyway?) and the monochrome colour does reflect the colour scheme of Metro, as does the tiles (when I saw it, I thought Live Tiles before I did Window). So as far as summing up the Metro interface as well as the emphasis on windows (although ironically the metro interface kind of does away with windows anyway...), it works. However, I still would have liked the RGYB colours back, and hopefully this logo is just to show that the colours can be changed; I would like to think that they stick with the multicolour scheme foor branding, box art etc, because this colour does nothing for me. Yes, I prefered the W7 logo at present, but somehow this logo represents W8 far more than the flag does... Then again it's a logo... who really cares...?