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CES 2012 : Video of Samsung’s Smart Interaction TV


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Here at CES, Samsung are showing of TV’s with their new Smart Interaction features, which means you can control your TV with your voice and with gestures, and even sign-in to the TV using facial recognition. UWHS had a demon and here is the video.

UWHS - Samsungs Smart Interaction TV - 6

The show floor at CES is not only heaving with people, it is very noisy, so Samsung had some fairly sound proof booth set up for the demonstration.

Smart Interaction enables you to use voice, motion and your face to control your TV, be it changing the channel, the volume, or clicking links on a web page.

UWHS - Samsungs Smart Interaction TV - 1

It acts very much like Microsoft’s Kinect device – you use the features by saying “Hi TV” then whatever you want to say or do afterwards.

UWHS - Samsungs Smart Interaction TV - 2

UWHS - Samsungs Smart Interaction TV - 5

There is even a Bluetooth connected IR blaster that can be used to extended the controls to other devices.

UWHS - Samsungs Smart Interaction TV - 4

There is a camera built into the top of the TV screen, it is very small and discreet so no large and obvious devices here!

UWHS - Samsungs Smart Interaction TV - 3

The demo was very impressive, especially given the location and surround movement and noise of CES. We look forward to seeing more of this technology in the coming months.

And here is the full video of the demo:

UWHS–Samsung Smart Interaction at CES 2012

What do you think?

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