Media Browser Neo Theme Improvements Coming Soon

Jas Manghera talks about some forthcoming improvements as part of the Souls Army Media Browser Neo theme.

This is what Jas posted:

Starting with some improvements, several themes will be updated to work with the upcoming Apollo update for Media Browser. The update addresses several performance related issues and will be a welcome addition for Media Browser users. Many of Souls Army themes will be tailored to work with the Apollo release and will be ready to go when Apollo is made available.

Continuing with our discussion of improvements there are several updates upcoming for our latest theme Neo. We are adding support for channels, more EHS enhancements and some not-so-visible behind the scenes improvements too. Channels is a big step up from the random play feature that was introduced with Neo and has quickly become a favourite here in the tech lab.

Was originally a plugin that was created to support Neo by gathering clear logos, thumb art, and other artwork within media browser. FindArt will become an official Souls Army plugin and current plans are to add some bug and performance fixes due out in January 2012. The FindArt plugin will be available to all Souls Army Premium License holders.

Is a new Screen Saver plugin in development that will be trialling in early January. This will be our first foray into the Screen Saver area so details are still a bit hard to come by at the moment. However, we will update this space as more information becomes available.

We are big fans of Media Browser and will look forward to seeing these updates in action. Keep up the great work guys!