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Review of the Lenspen Original – The Industry Standard in Optical Cleaning


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As a keen photographer here at UWHS, I’m here to review the Lenspen Original Lens Cleaner.

Lenspen Packaging

I’m already an owner and big fan of the Lenspen DigiKlear, so I was expecting the same great quality from the Original, and was not disappointed. Lenspen make several pen-like products (as well as sensor-cleaning kits, air blowers and other tools), with the Original being primarily designed for the cleaning of the larger lens surfaces on DSLR cameras. The smaller lenses of compacts and camera phones are best cleaned with some of the other Lenspens like the MiniPro II and the MicroPro.

Here are Lenspen to explain the product themselves:

If you just watched that video, you’ll now know that the main features of all the Lenspens are their soft natural goathair brushes, flexible cleaning heads, and self-replenishing carbon-based cleaning pads. The carbon means no liquids to spill or dry out, meaning Lenspens last for a finite (but large) number of uses, but have no risk of drying out like liquid-based cleaners.

The Lenspen Original
Lenspen Brush
Lenspen Cleaning Head
Lenspen Removing Dust
Lenspen Removing Marks

The difference between the various pens is the size and shape of the cleaning head and brush. The Original has a large, round and concave head, ideally suited to cleaning large lens surfaces. As in the video, I tested the Original by putting a fingerprint on the front of my Canon 24mm f/1.4L lens. I normally use my DigiKlear for cleaning my lenses, and I found the larger head of the Original made the job easier. The flat DigiKlear needs a little more time as the area in contact with the lens is smaller. The DigiKlear, however is excellent for cleaning the ocular (eyepiece) due to its triangular cleaning head, which allows you to get into the corners. Different tools for different jobs! I’ve also just used the Original to spring-clean my glasses, which have come up sparkling! The Original will clean up all kinds of optical glass, including telescopes, binoculars and weapon scopes. This image shows the difference between the round Original head (right), and the triangular DigiKlear head (left):

Lenspen Heads

My rating for the Lenspen Original: 5/5 – No camera bag should be without one. Highly Recommended


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