B.J. from Intelisan has been in touch to tell us that their Windows Home Server add-in LDisk has been updated to version


LDisk Windows Home Server Add-In adds iSCSI Target Storage capability to your Windows Home Server. Using LDisk, you can create a single appliance to provide all your storage and backup needs.

– iSCSI Target Storage for Windows Home Server

– IP SAN (Storage Area Network)- Block transfer

– iSCSI SAN interface over Ethernet

– Snapshot with schedules, revert, and convert to volume

– Fully protected data using SAN Volume duplication

– Supports all Internal or external drives

– Drive Extender for WHS 2011

– Storage Expansion through iSCSI for WHS 2011

Some of the changes in this version are:

1- Major improvement to Disk Pooling / Drive Extender. With this change, you can create one storage pool, and serve iSCSI or NAS volumes from the same storage pool. Only one disk is needed for both NAS and SAN volumes.

2- Combining all LDisk tabs under one main Tab to simplify use of the product.

3- Adding ability to create Raid-0, Raid-1 volumes for SAN or NAS in addition to normal volumes.

Learn more from the Intelisan website