Are you looking for an alternative to the Windows Phone Marketplace? Then you might be interested in Bazaar. It does for Windows Phones what Cydia does for iPhones.


This is what was posted:

For a long time we’ve been struggling with searching forums for new applications and deploying them using our PC.

Windows Phone OS is also missing a platform for publishing new applications that cannot be released using WP Marketplace – such as Homebrew apps or application that are not complaint with Microsoft Marketplace policies (very much like IPhone’s “Cydia”).

We are happy to introduce to you a new application that we have been implementing for the past couple of weeks.

Meet Bazaar – an alternative Windows phone Marketplace.

Bazaar is an application that will allow you to browse applications by categories, share, download and install them directly within your device without the need to connect your device to your PC.

In the near future we will add more functionalities as-
• Creating an account within Bazaar
• Managing favorites applications list and the ability to download and install them as a batch process (very useful after reset/flashing new ROM version)
• Add ratings and comments for applications
• Submit new applications via Bazaar web site
• Online search in Bazaar applications repository
• And many more…

You are all welcome to suggest features that you would like to see in our future releases.

Today we are releasing a public beta that contains temporary repository of the official marketplace free applications – in order for us to see how the application and the server handles load (About 1000 applications including screenshots and information) – and of course to give you a taste of what is coming to your Windows phone soon.

In the mean time we would like to ask you – beta testers – to provide us with feedback about the application, suggestions, and all the things that comes in your mind that will help to improve Bazaar.

More importantly, we would like to ask from independent developers (and who ever knows such) to send us information about YOUR apps – Icon, description, screenshots, categories, etc.. – so we can help getting your app to as many devices.

important notes –
• Bazaar is NOT a place to distribute “cracked” games and apps. We’re not encouraging piracy.
UPDATE – Bazaar will work on ANY Rom that supports installing XAP files via the device’s IE.



Learn more about Bazaar from here