News FTDX Books Online - A New Way of Publishing

FTDX Books Online – A New Way of Publishing


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A new online publisher has emerged called FTDX Books Online – and it’s run by a few people you may have heard of!


Who Are FTDX?

Fair Trade Digital Exchange is a revolutionary “digital first” publishing company devoted exclusively to technology topics. Our books are written for business people, developers, IT professionals, and computer enthusiasts. All of our titles are developed with the goal of helping readers turn technology intro productivity. The Fair Trade DX development model lets us turn content from world-class authors into high-quality books and learning products, at a pace that leaves traditional print publishers in the dust. Unlike other publishers, we treat authors as full partners, and our shared goal is to inform, enlighten, and delight readers.

A few of the people involved in this new venture include Ed Bott and Mike Halsey – both are great guys and fellow authors, and I can highly recommend their books.

Congratulations guys – as one author to another this is a fantastic idea!!!!

Learn more and buy some of the books from here

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