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StableBit Scanner 2.0 for Windows Home Server 2011 Beta Updated to


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StableBit Scanner 2.0 for Windows Home Server 2011 is now available in beta and has been updated to version


An advanced hard disk surface scanner, monitor and more.

Monitors all your hard drives and ensures that every bit holding your precious data is readable. ———-

* Added per-disk settings. These settings are stored in the Scanner’s store and are associated with a particular disk. They are not stored on the disk itself.

* Give your disks a custom name.

* Disable SMART.

* Disable Direct I/O.

* Added option to “ignore” SMART warnings. Ignore is intelligent, where it will re-issue the warning if any of the problem attributes change. There is also the option to permanently ignore all SMART warnings on a per-disk basis. To access this feature, a new button will become available on the SMART dialog when you have SMART warnings issued for a disk.

Download the latest beta version from here
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