Reviews Review of the Samsung SSD Magician Software

Review of the Samsung SSD Magician Software


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Recently we reviewed the Samsung 830 Series SSD, which also comes with some special software. So here is our review of the Samsung SSD Magician version 3.0 software.

Samsung SSD Magician 9

What is Samsung SSD Magician?

The “Samsung SSD Magician” software facilitates easy maintenance and use of Samsung SSD products connected to a desktop or notebook computer.

In addition to providing information about the user’s system and SSD product, Samsung SSD Magician also supports advanced features, like SSD performance management, benchmarking for optimum performance, new firmware updates, etc.

Samsung SSD Magician comes with all new Samsung SSD’s.

Installing Samsung SSD Magician

Installing the Magician software is simple, and just requires you to step through the screens.

Samsung SSD Magician 1Samsung SSD Magician 2Samsung SSD Magician 3Samsung SSD Magician 4Samsung SSD Magician 5Samsung SSD Magician 6Samsung SSD Magician 7

Using Samsung SSD Magician

A new icon appears on your desktop, which you can double-click to launch.

Samsung SSD Magician 8

This launches the Samsung SSD Magician software.

Samsung SSD Magician 9

If there is an update available you will be informed – in which case, download and install the update.

Samsung SSD Magician 10

System Information

This menu provides detailed system summary and the summary of Disk’s connected to the host system.

Samsung SSD Magician 11

System Summary will display system information details like Operating system, mother board, display, Storage, memory, HD Audio, Network etc.

Disk Summary will display Model name, serial number, manufacturer, firmware, size, max LBA etc for each of the disks connected to the system. Disk summary also shows the Logical & Physical drives for the selected disk.

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  1. Thanks, was curious to know what it was. Do you know if these are tools which should be used soon after install? Also, which tools, and how frequently?


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